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Welcome to long life, a.k.a. LOFE


LOFE’s roots can be found in central america. on a farm in costa rica, the idea arose to grow dracaena plants in just water. this worked incredibly well and also turned out to yield a fantastic look! this was the start of the lofe concept. after this phase, we expanded the concept with several other plants originating in different parts of the world. in the netherlands, all products are combined with beautiful vases and stands, ready for a new home.


A lofe plant grows its own roots in the vase, forming the basis for a very long life


The plants filter their own water and also purify the air in your home!


A lofe requires only water and will thrive on this its entire life.

Our plants with lighting

little care, a lot of joy

Each LOFE plant is different, but they have one core thing in common: they require little to no care! this makes lofe the ideal green gift. all you have to do is fill the bottle with water up to the 90% mark. and that's it! because the plant forms its own roots inside the bottle, it will completely take care of itself.

Purifies the air


15°C - 22°C

Fill up to 90%

What our customers said


Great alternative for a bouquet or a potted plant. looks great with a few of them together as well as on their own. a true eye-catcher.


A great gift item to give to someone else or to treat yourself :) or both and it supposedly also purifies the air. a great excuse to buy yourself a present :)


These 3 bottles with stand are a great and rewarding item for the coffee table and they also purify your air :)


If your plant has good roots, you can also choose to plant it in a pot. Once it is used to its new habitat, the plant will continue to grow in a pot.