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Hydroponics Ann, Green / Flower Jewel LOFE – Special triple black


  • Plants in water
  • Approx. 25-40-65+cm
  • Require virtually no care
  • Incl. Tips for proper care
  • Sourced directly from grower
  • Ships in 1-3 days

LOFE CARD erbij?

Koop je een geschenk? Kies dan direct voor een LOFE CARD (+ €1,50) bij je bestelling in één van de volgende varianten: Happy birthday, Thank you, Good luck of Get well soon.

None Happy Birthday +€1,50 Thank you +€1,50 Good luck +€1,50 Get well soon +€1,50 Kaart zonder tekst +€1,50

LOFE CARD tekst?

Vergeet niet je tekst in te vullen en je naam te vermelden op je gekozen LOFE Card, zodat de ontvanger weet van wie het geschenk komt.


Handgemaakte Belgische chocola “made with LOFE” voor maar €3,95. Leuk om te geven en lekker om te ontvangen.

None Hart chocola +€5,95 Thank you +€3,95 Happy birthday +€3,95 Good luck +€3,95 Get well +€3,95 Ik hou van jou +€3,95
None Lichtsnoer +€1,50 Tasje +€1,50 Hout hartje roze +€2,00

Product Description

A fun LOFE concept package to treat yourself or give as a present. Three different green and flowering plants in their own bottles in three different sizes, in water (Hydroponic products), with wooden stand with three spaces. The roots of these plants grow on their own in the water in the BLACK glass bottles. This will not only create a nice decorative effect but is also very convenient! Just make sure that the roots can always reach the water, and the plants will do the rest. This growing method is also known as hydroponics. You will receive a stand with three different bottles, holding three different plants. Once the roots have grown out a bit, you can (but don’t have to!) decide to transplant the plant into potting soil and continue to enjoy the plants in a different way. A beautiful 17 x 18cm piece to enliven any home.

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